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7 Day A Week Access

We are open 7 days a week so you can access your unit every day of the week and every day of the year. This is another advantage of renting one of our mini-storage units.

Convenient Access

One feature that you want to know about when renting a storage unit is the access. Our driveways are plenty wide enough for any truck to navigate without difficulty. This means that it will be a stress-free drive into our complex regardless of the size of the vehicle you are using! Come and see what we have in store for you at Lock and Roll Storage.

Best Value in Northern Arizona

You need a good mini-storage facility at some times in your life and even though it is convenient, it can also be a challenge. You may have more than you can store in your home and garage, but mini-storage is an additional monthly expense that you may not expect. Not to worry – we provide the best value in mini-storage – our spaces are big and our prices are low. Call us today to ask how we can help!

Convenient Location

Some mini-storage facilities are inconveniently located or on narrow roads that can be difficult to navigate. We are located right off the main highway between Clarkdale and Cottonwood with easy and convenient access. Come over and see our property and let us prove that we are the right mini-storage facility for you!

Give Us A Call

Do you need a mini-storage unit near Cottonwood or the Verde Valley? Call us today and we will do everything we can to help you settle into your new unit. We are privately owned and operated, not a chain and not a franchise.

Here are Some Great Mini Storage Self Storage Cottonwood AZ Tips

1. Place dryer sheets in all corners and boxes to help keep insects out of your belongings. If you put them by the front of the unit they will be more effective. The dryer sheets help keep the bugs away and your belongings will smell great! (For best results, change out your dryer sheets about once a month if you can) 2. A very bad thing for your valuables is moisture, and it can build up, especially during the rainy seasons here in Cottonwood. Use cardboard and other breathable materials to store your things so the moisture can escape. Storing your valuables in airtight containers is an invitation mold and mildew so do your best to avoid that if at all possible. 3. Organize your space, efficiently so getting something out of a box in the back will not become a major challenge in your unit. Try making a row so that you can easily get to the back of the unit. You will be able to get access to all of your boxes without having to take them all out. 4. Charcoal helps absorb moisture – put some charcoal briquettes (like you use for a barbecue) in a saucepan and leave the saucepan out in the open. 5. Store couches and similar items upright if possible. This helps make your unit storage much more efficient. Stack boxes on top of each other, with heavier and/or bigger boxes on the bottom and lighter, weaker and/or smaller boxes toward the top. You can put shelving along the sides of your unit. Shelving helps to keep things more organized. Costco sells very sturdy and strong shelving it you are looking for a great source.

6. Mattresses and box springs should be covered with a mattress cover – this will help to keep them dust free and keep moisture out. You can also cover them with fitted sheets or a tarp – they will not keep moisture out but they will help with dust. 7. Be sure to leave some space between your boxes and the sides of the unit. This helps to prevent mold and allows for ventilation in the unit. Place your items on wood pallets to allow for further ventilation and protect your items in case of a flood. 8. Take into account the outside temperatures. In Cottonwood, our temperatures dip below freezing in the winter and above 100 F in the summer. Electronics for the most part are very resistant to temperature changes, but you will want to be alert regarding your musical instruments, leather items, sporting gear, wooden furniture, and tools. Freezing temperatures can greatly affect those things so carefully consider whether they could be affected by those temperature extremes. One more tip: allow removed items from freezing storage spaces to sit for 48 hours in your warm home before plugging them in. This will help to prevent plastic components from cracking. 9. Do you have any gasoline powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers and any other machines? Be sure to drain the gasoline from them and run them out of gas prior to long storage. Costly repairs could be the result of not doing this – gasoline after it expires can form a lacquer and corrode the fuel system. 10. Final smart tip: try to pack your moving truck backward from how you would like your unit packed. It is amazing how far a little planning will go! If you need mini storage and self storage in Cottonwood AZ, call today!